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Silja, 18, Finland.

Straight but not narrow.
I love bands, beards, tv shows and middle-aged actors.
"Vai a farti fottere"

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me every time there is a cat regardless of the situation (via sail-across-the-universe)

Your time will come. You will face the same evil, and you will defeat it.

The Great Hall is the first place you visit upon your arrival at Hogwarts each year. It is a vast room, large enough to hold all the staff and students daily as they eat their meals.  It is here where the Sorting Ceremony is held at the beginning of the year, and where some exams are held at the end. It is also where the headmaster addresses the school and owls are received.
Located by the main entrance, you must pass the house point hourglasses and enter through the ornate doors. Inside there are five large tables, one for each house and one for staff. These tables have hundreds of magically re-filling plates and cups of food and drink local to Britain and the wizarding world. Above them through a mass of floating candles, is the famous enchanted ceiling which is bewitched to look like the sky outside. It is said to be so mesmerizing that at first many believe there to be no ceiling at all.

"She came from a background where… nothing was ever good enough. And that was something that weighed heavy on her."

Her (2013)






it’s weird how people talk bad about strippers but no one says anything about the people who go to see them


Who’s worse? The woman who dances on a pole making $600 a day or the man stepping out on his wife and family to throw singles at a complete stranger?







Fun things to say when someone tells you they’re going to go to the bathroom:

  • Stay safe
  • Congratulations
  • That’s what they all say
  • Different strokes for different folks
  • I hope you have the time of your life
  • But you have so much to live for
  • Please explain
  • think of me
  • Don’t fall in
  • I’ll alert the media
  • Good luck
  • Have fun
  • Mention my name and you’ll get a good seat



Skull in a salt lake

Wow that is the highest quality gif I have ever seen!

It looks like I’m actually there


do you ever go into a music store and just find all of your favourite band’s albums even though you already have them and you just hover in that general area for a while


Jenna Coleman on set - Doctor Who series 8 - April 18th, 2014


*wears the same outfit as yesterday* vintage

Well can’t we just laugh and joke around?
Remember cuddles in the kitchen
Yeah, to get things off the ground
And it was up, up and away


*waits for 911 to call me first so i don’t sound thirsty*